My Tulum Travel Guide

Tulum has being one of my top places to visit in my Bucket list. Tulum vibes is perfect for family, girls trips and couples. It’s a place to relax and have a great time. I went with my husband, who is also my photographer and we loved the placed! We had visit for 6 days and we really took advantage to those 6 days. We visited back in May 2019 which the weather was super hot! Felt like in the 90s, but it felt so good to had escape NYC’s cold weather. We would love to go back in the future.

Tulum, is a 90 minute ride from Cancun’s airport. I suggest making arrangements with your hotel for the transportation. The price we paid for a round trip from the airport to the hotel and back, was a good deal. The ride was smooth, since mostly of it, it’s a straight route.


I saw so many hotels option, but we decided to stay at Papaya Playa Project. We loved this hotel, it was the first one when you drive into the Tulum’s strip and it’s very secure. Tulum strip is an actual long street full of restaurants, local stores and hotels. What we really loved about the hotel, was their natural toiletries, their natural clay cabanas, and their natural prepped meals. Most cabanas are right on the water, but there are so many different ones. It just depends on your preferences. The food and drinks are so delicious! The hotel is an ocean front hotel, which was perfect to have breakfast by the water.

The hotel featured two bars, a rooftop (like a second floor) which was a restaurant as well and one bar right underneath. At the entrance of their hotel, there is a small coffee shop to grab and go. I loved their natural juices, so delicious and perfect to refresh yourself during the day. The hotel had two pools, the main one was right in front of the lobby where everyday a DJ would come in and play background music. The second one, was right in front of our cabana! How amazing is that?!

Main pool (right in front of the hotel’s lobby)
Pool right in front of our cabana


While planning this trip, I made my research on places I wanted to try and see. Most restaurants, are beachfront and they are part of hotels. You can be able to use their beach chairs as along as you get a drink or a dish. Which it was what we did exactly, since we wanted to take pictures and explore. These places did not only had Mexican food, but american dishes were included in their menu. I am a very picky eater and thought I wasn’t going to like the food, but I was wrong.

Down below, are some places I visited and I have placed the photos in the same order of the list.

Matcha Mama – A small local matcha bar plant based and gluten free products. There is two locations, the one I visited was at the Zona Hotelera (on Tulum’s strip).

Nomade Tulum – Such a fun and chic restaurant which is located at the Nomade hotel. The restaurant is a beachfront restaurant and it’s cuisine is straight from the fish market. I had a salmon which was amazing!

Tata Tulum – Tata tulum I can say was my favorite. When we visited Tata tulum, we were actually craving some American food so we decided to get Pizza! We also tried their watermelon juice, and OMG my husband kept on ordering this since it was a very hot day and it was just so deli!

Tulum, is full of swings! Many restaurants have them and on the beach as well.

Here are some of the places, where it was a must for me to visit and snap a photo.

Casa Malca – Is an actual hotel once owned by Pablo Escobar. This photo right down below, was taken at the main entrance of the hotel. Isn’t just breathtaking? These are actual vintage wedding dress, which at first I thought they were curtains.

El Gran Cenote – Cenotes are natural sink holes, which we only had time to visit one.

A popular question we got asked a lot while being in Tulum, was “Have you guys visit the ruins yet?” And that was on our do to list!

A very touristy thing to do in Tulum, is bike riding. Most hotels rent their bikes, but outside the hotels they are shop that rent as well. We first rented bike from the hotel, but since I am petite they were too high for my comfort. So the next day, we rented bike from a shop outside the hotel. We did rent a car, to go visit the Cenote and to visit the ruins since they were a bit far from our hotel.

Here is my to do list that I had planned before my trip.

I hope you enjoy this post! I just wanted to share for when quarantine is over, you guys can have an idea of where to vacay!

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