DIY Bridesmaids Gift Box

Happy Friday!IMG_0428

I wanted to share with you the gift boxes that I gave my bridesmaids at our engagement brunch. Ladies! I did everything myself with the help of my husband. All the products that I used here are from Michaels.

Let’s start with the actual box, I went to Michaels because they have all these craft items and lots of boxes. They mostly have the cardboard boxes, but mean while looking around I saw 3 white boxes of these on clearance for $10 each!! I fell in love with these boxes because I didn’t want my bridesmaids to have a box and just throw it out. I wanted to give them something that they were going to use. And these boxes were perfect for that because they can use it to store their jewelry or whatever they want. I have four maids, but I did find the same box at another Michaels location.

On the top of each box, I placed a photo of a special moment of my bridesmaid and me and placed it with a shimmery silver tape. I wanted them to feel special and have something remembered of our childhood. I also did a collage of the colors and the idea of the wedding. The invitation of asking each maid to be my bridesmaid or maid of honor, I did it on word document. I do not recall which exact paper I used, but its like an Ivory shimmering cardboard paper from Michaels, and I placed it with a small ribbon bow on the top.

I gave the maids each a purple T-shirt to wear for any wedding event that we held or for the bachelorette party. We decided to make the shirts ourselves than spend about $20 for each shirt. I spend about $100 for everything for this DIY project.

My husband wanted something special also for his best man, so I created this bow tie invitation. I wanted something more surprising but my husband is very simple so that’s what he decided he wanted to give. ย Both white and black papers are from Michaels and the bow tie is from Marshall.IMG_0592

Yes! I do have two maid of honors (best friends) because they are always helping me with everything and 2 bridesmaids my sister in law and my cousin/sister who wasn’t able to make it because of college.

Ladies, you can save lots of money creating this small special details yourself. If you have any questions, please let me know and I will be glad to help.




Our Engagement Brunch


Happy Tuesday!
This engagement brunch was very special to my husband and I because after two years of being engaged, we finally set a date for our wedding. It was a small get together hosted by my mother in law, but it was amazing! Since most of our family doesn’t know each other, we had both families present and had each and every single one of them introduced themselves.


Since I am a Pinterest addict, I search for different things to do at an engagement party which mostly were games. I hosted two games, which where pretty funny for our guests and to us.


The first game was a sheet of questions to see how well does our families knows us. The game it’s call “How Well Do You Know The Bride & Groom?” The answers that we had to these questions were unbelievable! ๐Ÿ˜€


We also played the Shoe Game, for this particular game I had one of my maid of honor make up the questions. Basically the way you played this game, is you and your partner have a shoe of each other in the hands facing the opposite direction. Accordingly to the questions, you raised the shoe of the person who the question refers to. For example; One of the question was “Who is more organize?” I raised my shoe because I am! And he? I have no idea why he raised his. ๐Ÿ˜‰


When a guest arrived at out engagement brunch, we had handle out small cards, where we had them write an advice for our new journey.
Thank you for coming by!